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How to make the most of your listings.

  • Utilise inspirational videos and images to inspire potential visitors and encourage them to find out more about your business.
  • Be descriptive with your content to highlight your unique selling points and attract interest from visitors. This can be optimised for search by using key words and phrases.
  • Include practical information such as your facilities, prices and opening times.
  • Create special offers and experiences linked to key calendar dates which are a key content hook.
  • Utilise imagery from the Visit Jersey Media Library for stunning shots of Jersey and any shots of your business / location from our campaign work.
  • The My Listing Portal gives you flexibility to make changes to your listing at any time throughout the year.

You can contact the Visit Jersey team by emailing [email protected] for assistance or advice.


Use this listing for any type of accommodation. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, self-catering, camping, glamping etc.

Once you have your listing set-up, you can then ‘associate’ your listing with other listings you own including Food & Drink listings, events and offers to show users everything that is happening at your business.

Food & Drink

Use this listing to profile your Food & Drink business.

See & Do 

Under this category you’ll find Attractions, Activities, Shopping & Markets and Tours & Activity Sessions.

Use these listings to profile your business and show all the different activities visitors can experience with you. These listings will not feature times or dates.

Once you have these listings set-up, you can then ‘associate’ your other listings (e.g. offers, tours, events) to this one to show related information to users at a time when you have bookable experiences to show.


Use this listing for visitor attractions with fixed locations.


Use this listing to profile your company and what you offer.

Once in the form, choose from ‘indoor’ or ‘outdoor’ activities first.

Markets & Shopping

Use this listing to profile your retail business.

Tours & Activity Sessions

Use this listing to showcase tours, activity sessions, classes and workshops that are bookable and have a set date and time.

A ‘tour’ is defined by a tour guide being present. Examples are a RIB trips/tours, kayak or paddle boarding guided tour, bus tours of the island, walking tours, guided tours of an attraction.

This listing category can also be used for activity sessions that don’t fall under the ‘tour’ definition but do have set dates and times such as adventure activity sessions, yoga or pilates classes, kayak, photography, art or cookery courses etc.

These listings can only be created if you already have an Attractions, Activities or Shopping & Markets listing live on Once this is the case, you can then ‘associate’ these listings to show everything you offer.


Event listings are to promote special events that are key reasons to visit Jersey. A music festival for example.

Examples of the types of events which will  not  be included are:

  • Events which are a permanent fixture within a venue, i.e. permanent exhibitions or regular themed days/evenings. Instead, use your main Attractions listing to talk about any key permanent features of your attraction that will encourage visitation.
  • Community-targeted activities e.g. quiz nights, car boot sales, coffee mornings, public swimming classes and Zumba classes, etc. Baby and parent groups/seniors’ activities.
  • Workshops, courses, summer camps or classes which last for more than one day or happen on a regular basis. Instead, partners should use the Tours & Workshops listing and then associate this to their main Attraction or Activity listing.
  • Special / seasonal menus e.g. Mother’s Day Lunch. Instead, use the Offers listing and select the ‘Set Menu’ option. Associate this Offer with your main Food & Drink listing.
  • Certain types of courses e.g. IT workshops, literacy classes, health & safety workshops, etc.
  • Guided tours around exhibitions or venues. Instead, partners should use the Tours & Workshops listing and then associate to their Attractions listing. Or this could be profiled in the description of your Attraction listing.
  • Signings and product launches.
  • Events of a political nature.
  • Non-consumer events, e.g. industry conferences or events.

We will provide listings for festivals, but we do not list individual events that are part of a larger festival.


Use these listings to promote any special offers, set menus or package deals. These listings can then be associated back to your main ‘parent’ listing.

An Offer listing can only be submitted once another primary listing type has been created so that the offer can be associated.

Tour Operators

Travel Tour Operators should use these listings to profile their company and the programmes they offer. All Offers listings can then be associated to this listing.

Tour Operators must submit this primary business listing before an Offer can be created and associated.

Including Tripadvisor on your listings is no longer mandatory, however we encourage partners to do so when relevant. It’s a great way to build trust with consumers by sharing real world reviews of your visitor experience or accommodation.

In order to associate your Tripadvisor account with your listings, you’ll need to provide your Tripadvisor ID when requested when filling out your listing form on the Portal. This is a number E.g. 1083180 which can be found in the right column in your Management Centre main page of your Tripadvisor account.

An alternative and quick way to find it is by searching for the ID number after the letter “d” in your TripAdvisor listing URL as shown:

Users have the option of creating listings in English, French or German. It is strongly advised that partners submit a French and German listing in English if a translation is not available at the time of creation. 

Selecting a language for your listing

After choosing the type of listing you would like to submit, you will be asked to choose the language of your listing. This choice will determine which website your listing will appear on, English, French or German.


Translating you a language for your listing

Once an English listing has been created, the process for copying and submitting the same listing for the French and German websites has been improved, though, where feasible, we urge partners to have listings translated.

To duplicate an English listing for the French or German websites, simply click on the associated Translate link as shown in blue below.

All of your existing listing details will be copied across. You can then edit as you wish and replace any copy with the appropriate language or leave the duplicate listing in English. 


When creating listings you can associate your listings to each other as below:

While creating an Event listing, you can select related:

  • Accommodation listings
  • Food & Drink listings
  • Activity listings
  • Attraction listings
  • Shopping & Market listings

While creating a Tours & Activity Session listing, you can select related:

  • Activity listings
  • Attraction listings
  • Shopping & Market listings

While creating Offers listings, you can select related:

  • Accommodation listings
  • Food & Drink listings
  • Attraction listings
  • Activity listings
  • Shopping & Markets listings
  • Tour Operator listings

While editing Food & Drink listings, you can select related:

  • Accommodation listings
  • Food & Drink listings
  • Attractions listings
  • Shopping & Market listings

When creating Accommodation listings, you can select related:

  • Accommodation listings




Images play a key role in inspiring visitors so it’s really important that the images you use show off your business in the best way possible. Make them work hard for you. We’ve pulled together guidance on how to choose the best images.

Image Guidance

Once you have submitted your listing, your listing will go through the following moderation process:

  1. The Visit Jersey team will check all details supplied and images will be cropped if required.
  2. If there are any issues with your completed form, a member of the Visit Jersey team will contact you using the details given. We’ll let you know what needs to be updated.
  3. Once you have been given feedback, you’ll then be able to update your listing and re-submit it.
  4. If everything looks good, then your listing will be approved and will appear on

We’ll do our best to get back to you sooner but please give us seven days to get back to you once you first submit your listing.

The portal has two types of user accounts see the explanation below of how they could be structured and the process of setting them up.

Account types

User Admin

  • This is a user that has registered as a business (e.g A hotel, shop, activity provider etc).
  • These users can invite other people to manage their listings.


  • These users are invited in by User Admins.
  • This is a user that does not manage their own business, but manages the listings on behalf of a User Admin
  • They can not invite other people in to manage the listings.


User Admin: [email protected]

This may be the Marketing Manager, business owner or the person responsible for marketing/sales.

Collaborators:, [email protected]

This could be people within or outside of your business whom you would like to manage listings for the business.

People who intend to be collaborators should not register as a business they should get the account owner to invite them in instead. An account will be created for you automatically when you are invited. 

There is anInvite a collaborator’ option under the ‘My Account’ section top right of the portal which is the recommended method to invite a collaborator to help manage your business listings.